“Sometimes a person has criminal convictions or accusations which impact their immigration stauts or potential applications for status. Non-Citizens, including Lawful Permanent Residents may be deported, refused admission, denied naturalization, or be denied other immigration benefits because of convictions or accusations.

If you plan to apply for any immigration benefit and have current or past interactions with any policing agency, it is recommended that you hire an attorney to determine the extent and status of your criminal history, and if possible, clean up your criminal history.

Yarra, Rivas & Associates offers numerous services to “diagnose” and “repair” criminal histories for immigration purposes, including:

  • Post Conviction Relief Investigation (Review and analysis of criminal record by attorney)
  • Immigration analysis of potential pleas (Attorney works with you and criminal counsel to find safest plea)
  • Motions to reduce felony to misdemeanor, or misdemeanor to infraction un Penal Code 17 and Proposition 47
  • Motions to vacate conviction pursuant to Penal Code 1016.5, 1473.7
  • Motions to reduce sentence pursuant to Penal Code 18.5(b), 1404.
  • Expungment pursuant to Penal Code 1203.4
  • Expungment of successful “Deferred Entry of Judgment” pursuant to Penal Code 1203.43
  • Locating and defending old, but active, criminal cases.