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Yarra, Rivas & Associates is a full service law firm specializing in Immigration Law and also practicing in Post-Conviction Relief, Family Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, and Personal Injury. We also assist clients in preparing Wills, Trusts and Testamentary documents


Yarra, Rivas & Associates is a full service immigration law firm, practicing in all areas of Immigration. We are the Central Valley’s Immigration experts.

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Civil Litigation

Assisting people in the area of Civil Litigation, including disputes over contracts, money, property, personal injury and more.

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Criminal Defense

Arrested? Accused of breaking the law? Yarra, Rivas & Associates represents Defendants in all areas of criminal defense.

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Personal Injury

If you have been injured, you may be able to recover from the person who caused the accident, or that person’s insurance carrier.

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Post-Conviction Relief

Our firm “cleans” criminal records by expungement, vacatur and motions to reduce sentences so that a prior criminal conviction would not have immigration consequences.

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